Arizona Must Stand Strong

It seems as of late our Government gets larger with higher costs and less responsibilities. Arizona has finally stood up for itself and instead of the government supporting the state, they have protested against it. If you have read my Bio you know that I am an Arizonan. I not only support SB1070 but I also think it is long overdue.

All the people who have complained against it do not understand, have not read it, are breaking the law themselves, or just jumping on the media bandwagon. I have been listening to peoples arguments and have not heard one valid one yet. There are rules to be followed. It someone wants to agree or disagree please respond to this posting.

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Can’t Spell Illegals without ILLEGAL!!!

Why is it that the idea of controlling our borders is so taboo? It seems that illegal immigration is not only not considered bad but actually a good thing to a lot of people. This is an absolutely crazy belief due to the fact that it makes absolutely no sense that people are coming into the country taking jobs and using our infrastructure and not paying taxes like the average American while sending there money back to Mexico. Wow something seems to be wrong to me when I think about this.

First off if I were to cross into another country illegally and not present paperwork then I would be deported pretty quickly. Assuming that the country I entered illegally actually takes action against those who break there laws. I mean they are Illegally in the country that is why they are called Illegals. In regards to enforcing the law it seems we are unsure where to draw the line and afraid to draw the line. We need to be firm on this.

How are we benefiting from this? The answer we are not. They come over the border and take jobs that may be lower paid jobs but the 10% of Americans out of work could sure take a low paying job rather than no job. So not only should we not allow this to happen but employers who are hiring illegal immigrants and paying under the table should not only be fined but outed to the public so people could choose to boycott an employer who repeatedly hires immigrants to cut on expenses. There are laws like this in place but we need to step up and make sure we are filling these jobs. When I was young I had no problem working any job and minimum wage seemed like a lot as a child. So I think that we could not only teach our youth how to work but we can also fill the jobs that the liberals label as too blue collar for Americans.

Lastly it is no big secret that our country is having a little bit of a debt crisis. Which thanks to our President is getting worse by the day. So why is it that we allow Illegals to flood across the border and send there money back to Mexico without first paying taxes in America or obtaining that money legally. It adds up quickly when you take into account how many illegals are scattered across the United states. Then When you look in states of high concentration such as Arizona and California, you might notice that these two states are in extreme debt and have a larger illegal driven crime rate. I an bit saying that all crime is caused by the illegal immigrants in these types of areas. However a significant number of the crimes commited are caused by people from out of the country.

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10 Reasons Why Not to Trust Obama

There are thousands of reasons and there will be add on posts to this again and again I am sure. As it stands here are the first 10 reasons not to trust President Obama.

1. Lack of Experience

As we all know Obama unlike many of our former Presidents he has had nearly no Experience. This has led to many of these problems.

Obama Experience Coinservative

2. Not Open with his Background

We are not asking for a social security number we are simply asking for a birth certificate. I can’t say that I believe he is not a U.S. citizen. I just wish he prove that he is and stop the rumors. (If he is!!!)

3. Appoints Under Qualified People in Positions of Importance

I don’t want to name too many names however, let’s start with Arizona’s former, worst Governor ever Janet Napolitano a prime example of unqualified. Here is a good story that explains some of her failures. Then you have all the Czars that have been appointed for no reason and these unqualified leaders are just a bunch of friends and political favors. To see how low some of these people are Click here for an example.

4. Blames all Problems on Past Leadership

The past is past and decisions made today effect today. Why is it that when a problem happens it is always Bush’s fault. The thing is that this new administration has been making worse decisions in one year than the past administration made in four. Obama claimed he would fix things but it is not looking very promising so far.

5. Promising Things & Not Delivering

It seems that he has promised change and has left us with change (“change” meaning money). This guy had a slogan “Yes We Can,” but has done nothing but shove worthless bills and wasted trillions in tax funds to push his agenda while still somehow making our country worse.

6. Signing the Healthcare Reform for Fame

Yeah, I am going to call it Fame. He did not do it for us. If he really did it for the people then maybe he would have listened to the people and not pushed it through. Clearly he has only listened to a small percentage of people. It seems like he is getting paid to make some of these bad choices.

7. Blaming Talk Radio For Making People Angry

People are not angry because of people like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. They are mad about his bad choices. How can we trust someone who does not take responsibility and blames others? We can’t, the finger pointing needs to stop.

8. Trying to Be a Celebrity, Not a President

Is it me or does it seem like Obama is giving speeches more than being President and doing TV interviews and Cameos. Check out how many times he has been on Television shows since Office (some of these are not cameos). It is very apparent he wants to “look” like a President. Maybe instead he should start ACTING like one.

9. Speeches To Cover His Lack of Experience

It is easy to catch a child lying when he talks to much. The same principle is true with adults. Obama gives more public speeches than any other President it seems. Even Liberal news station CBS  helps you understand by numbering the 200th speech about 6 months from the first. Another example would be when asked about the Healthcare Reform and his answer was 17 minutes of non-related filler….. Sounds like someone is lying.

10. Apologizing For America To Other Countries

Last I checked America was the greatest country ever. Well I guess I should check again because clearly our President can’t help but apologizing for our country and making us appear weak. While also insulting other country leaders. So he is talented at making mistakes and having no faith in his country. That sounds like a President we should trust.(Sarcasm meter at 120%)

These are just 10 of thousands of reasons not to trust this President. He is turning our America into a Socialistic disaster. We must do what we can for a Coinservative victory in 2012.

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The Value of Hard Work

The value of hard work and why America runs off the back of its people not the Government. Hard work is what drives America and it seems to be something that is lacking more and more now a days. It seems that more and more people have found a substitute for hard work and it is called entitlement. It seems people feel they inherently deserve everything instead of working for it. The problem is it gets worse everyday we let it carry forward.

There was a time when my Grandfather had three jobs and had to drop out of high school to support his Mother and siblings after his Father passed away. Even until his last days he worked hard for everything he had and led a remarkable life and did very well for himself. He was a man of great principle and worked very hard to make sure that he provided for his family and people around him and taught his children the same values.

A former boss of mine who was a very hard worker started his business from nothing. He told me the story of his first job with a company in Wisconsin called American Glass and how his Dad took him there and dropped him off telling the owner that his son was a hard worker and he should put him to work. The job was simple it was to level the gravel in the parking lot after the snow plows pushed the gravel into piles. The part that made it hard was that was no machine. Just a 6′ by 10′ plank that had cinder blocks on the sides and a rope to put on your shoulders and pull it around. So literally he was working like a horse. I know this is an extreme story and not everybody had to work like that but this story really showed me a great deal about his character.

This man who I worked for was not only a hard worker who would do all parts of the job but he was also a man who during hard times would sacrifice for his employees and work even harder to make things work out. He has really made an impact on me and proved that hard work does payoff.

It is sad because I see people who think that they are not paid enough for doing very little and that they deserve more. The truth is that there are even more people who need a pay check even if it is the bare minimum. The idea of America is based on hard work and improvement and the thought that one day in the future we will be able to do something more and employ others and create more opportunities.

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The Explanation of Coinservative Nation!

Here we are starting the Coinservative blog. It is not just a blog but a network or a community in which we can keep informed and discuss the financial matters of the government. While also striving to do what we can to keep the money from the conservative nation within the conservative nation. We are not here to support the liberal agenda. We are here to keep our rights and keep our free market strong. It seems like every day lately our country has been getting more and more Socialistic. I think that many of you would probably agree with me there. So this is how our network works and can help.

Washington CoinservativeFirst off if you like great articles and like to be current go ahead and follow me on Twitter. The established Twitter account is just a refined relinking of sites much like Drudge Report but with more important links for our causes.

Second, our Facebook page is a place to network and discuss with New conservatives and a place where we can make sure we open our doors and minds to inviting new people to our ideas and educating people to know that as Americans we have so many opportunities. We must take advantage of them first.

Feel free to email me anytime at

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